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1. Shaving

Shaving is one of the cheapest and easily accessible methods for removing hair since you can do it in the shower in just a few extra minutes. Nicks, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and cuts are always a possibility. You can achieve very smooth skin but because shaving is only cutting the hair right above the skin, it will end up growing back quickly. Chances are that you will need to shave every few days.

  1. 2. Waxing

Warm, melted wax is typically applied to the skin in strips. The heat from the wax causes hair follicles to rip off the entire hair, including the root. Waxing your skin can cause redness, irritation and damage. The biggest issue with waxing is that there is a high potential for bacterial infection. In terms of effectiveness, results can last up to four weeks however waxing is generally extremely painful.

3. Threading

Threading comes form the Middle East and involves a very intricate method of removing hair by the root using thread to grab it. It’s best for small areas such as your upper lip or eyebrow since it is a very time intensive process. Irritation is a common side effect of threading, but results can last up to six weeks.

4. Depilatory Cream

These products use chemicals that work to break own the bonds in the keratin inside of your hair. Once the bonds are broken, your hair is weak enough that you can rinse it or wipe it off your skin. The chemicals leave an unpleasant odor, cause extreme irritation and redness. Because the depilatories only work on the surface of your skin, hair will regrow in a few days.

5. In Home Laser Removal Kits

The high-tech method of in home laser removal kits are taking the beauty market by storm. Laser Hair Removal can be used anywhere on the body and show dramatic reduction in hair growth over the course of several treatments. Laser removal (IPL) is painless and has historically shown most women a 50 percent reduction in hair growth. Use laser removal kits for the safest & most visible results.


The whole idea behind Bae Babes is to help bring out the best in you. Women shouldn’t have to go through painful and expensive treatments to achieve silky smooth skin.  


You should be able to simplify and improve your hair growth by using one painless and affordable device. That’s why we created BareSkin™ that is an all-in-one device to safely remove and reduce hair growth over time.


Beauty expert Lisa Marie Andreas believes that in home laser removal kits will soon render traditional methods such as waxing, shaving and creams obsolete by 2020. When asked about BareSkin™, she said, The evolution of hair removal is here. It’s a complete device for removing unwanted hair anywhere on your body safely and painlessly without ever leaving your house. It’s a no brainer actually!”


“There is this pressure as a woman to look your best, especially when it comes to your skin,” said Andreas. “There are better ways to feel comfortable in your own skin without expensive or unsafe treatments.”


At BaeBabes, we pride ourselves on “providing the best to bring out the best you.”

Our BareSkin™ - In Home Laser Removal device is the only thing you’ll ever need

to get the perfect skin you desire.


What women are saying about us...

“By far this is the best ‘hair removal’ solution I have ever found. I constantly am ashamed by my hairy body and I went through hell trying to wax, shave and thread my entire body. BareSkin™ laser removal device has not only been amazing to use, but it’s significantly reduce my hair growth in just a few weeks.—Ashley C.

It’s made by women. It’s for women. Bringing about the best you.


The BareSkin™ is the most innovative Laser Hair Removal Kit available on the market. Remove hair re-growth on ANY body part (including Brazilian and your face) in just a few minutes at the comfort of your own home. Get smooth and bare skin for a fraction of the cost and time without any pain, redness or irritation. Not available in stores and on sale for a limited time only.

Most Effective Results - The BareSkin™ uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology to provide the most effective hair removal solution in the market. The UV filter works under the skin's surface targeting the melanin in the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair re-growth.

  • 100% Safe For Your Skin - This laser hair removal kit is the same technology that is used by professional dermatologists and beauty salons. After each use, your skin will not be irritated, red or paining.
  • Most Cost Effective Solution - Trips to the salon or laser-clinics take long and cost a lot of money. Thanks to our laser hair removal kit, you'll get to experience the most cost-effective permanent hair removal solution in the comfort of your home.
  • Easy To Use - The BareSkin™ is extremely easy to use. Just turn it on and put the device against your skin where you want to remove hair. Enjoy ultra comfortable hair removal in just minutes.

Suitable For 95% of Skin Tones  - The laser hair removal kit is proven effective for all skin tones but the darkest skin tones.


Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think


The device itself is very easy to use, all you need to do is to move the device inch by inch. So far I have used twice for my one under arm and one lower leg,and it worked pretty well. I saw significant change of my hairs! I will definitely try other parts of my body, it is truely money saver if you want to do hair removal for more than one part on your body.

- Nancy B.


Actually, it's definitely worth the quality and price. For longer term hair removal. It gets less painful as the hair starts to grow back thinner. So after a little bit of patience I no longer have to shave or wax my bikini area or chin! none of the hair has grown back. Overall. I am still satisfied with the advertised and promised result!

- Tiffany M.


The cost of hair removal in a beauty salon is high. So I bought this device. You need to shave your body hair and shine it on the skin. price is not expensive. When I used it, I felt mild warm air and I felt no pain. The product are very practical. It is an indispensable household appliance in summer. I really like this product.

- Joanne G.


I’ve been using this tool on my armpit and bikini area for the past 8 weeks. I have been consistent with using it every week. The difference is incredible. I don’t shave in between sessions and the hair barely grows half the size of a grain of rice and the hair is so much finer. When I do shave before my treatment my skin is so soft.

- Crystel P.

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